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Agape Wedding Boutique was birthed out of a personal pain point. Like every other bride, I wanted to look amazing on my big day.
The only problem was that I couldn’t find what I was looking for and, if I did find something similar to what I envisioned, it was completely out of my price range. I eventually decided to create it from scratch exactly the way I wanted it. I didn't wanted to feel like I "settled" for my wedding dress.

Little did I know that creating a custom wedding dress was a lot more difficult than I ever imagined. The process was filled with an array of challenges including longwaiting times, low transparency and inattentive service to name but a few.
Surprisingly, this was a shared experience. Most brides I talked to went through similar and sometimes worse experiences. I thought surely there’s a better way to do this. I soon left my job as Development Economist to embark on a journey to develop a tech-inspired custom wedding dress creation experience for brides.

At Agape Wedding Boutique, we pride ourselves in making the journey to creating your perfect wedding dress a memorable and special one by taking care of all the difficult stuff for you. We do this by focusing on what matters most to our brides: bringing each unique and perfectly fitted wedding dress to life on time - all while making sure that our brides feel nothing short of special throughout the beautiful journey.
Our passion is helping you create a wedding dress as unique as your love story!

~ Lutho Mbonambi

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