The Insider’s Guide to Postponing Your Wedding Amid the COVID – 19 Pandemic

In these unprecedented times where the COVID-19 pandemic is currently sweeping the globe, more and more couples are being be forced to postpone their weddings. It may be the case that you now fall into this category. Although this is a difficult decision to make, you will get through it – the key is to plan ahead and not panic. To help you think though it, we’ve put together a list of action items that you should take to make the process a bit smoother.

  1. Let Your Vendors Know Your Decision ASAP

If you’re postponing your wedding, you should prioritise informing your wedding vendors. Have a transparent and honest conversation about your concerns and anxieties. They should be able provide guidance on next steps, from securing a future date to suggesting alternative processes to follow. This is particularly important with specific vendors such as the venue. As the situation has developed, more couples are looking to reschedule, which means that dates with venues can be competitive, even during the lower seasons so you will have to be quick on your feet if you are not very flexible on venues and dates.

2. Get It In Writing

Once you decide on a new date, confirm the changes in writing with all your wedding vendors. Request a contract addendum detailing the provisions of the new date. Even in the case that a new date is not confirmed, it is important that every vendor receives a written confirmation of the intention to postpone right away. Also ensure that you receive written confirmation that the vendor is aware of the pending date change to avoid future misunderstandings and complications.

3. Inform your guests

Next, you will need to tell your guests as many may have planned  or booked hotel rooms. An easy way to do this is through your wedding website (if you created one). You may also want to consider creating a list of FAQs if you think your guests will have similar questions around travel refunds, accommodation implications, your new date, etc. Another option is to send out a short email to your guests to keep them in the loop of the plan changes.  What is important is that you give them sufficient time to cancel travel plans and reservations.

4. Give Yourself Time to Be Sad About It

It’s totally okay to feel sad that the day you’ve been excited over and spent hours planning won’t be happening when you’d hoped it would. Sure, the reasons for the postponement are valid but your feelings are valid too. Don’t bottle it up inside – chat to your partner, a friend, a sibling or anyone that you can just “let it out” to. It might help you feel just a little better.

5. Celebrate the Day!

You may be in quarantine but there is absolutely no reason why you cannot celebrate the day anyways. If you’re apart, perhaps an online video date where you both dress up and share the things you love about each other? If you’re together, a romantic dinner for two may be just what you both need to lift your spirits. However you choose to spend the day, make sure you find some way to celebrate it and keep the excitement alive for when the day finally arrives.

Share your thoughts with us! Have you had to postpone your wedding day? How have you coped? What arrangements have you had to make to accommodate this decision? We’d love to hear from you.