4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

With many couples feeling the economic pinch caused the effects of COVID-19, brides are looking for ways to cut down on their budget wherever possible. Besides slashing your guestlist in half (which is actually an option too), below are four tips to save on your wedding costs when the crisis has subsided and it is finally possible to celebrate in person with loved ones.

Celebrate Off-Season

If you are flexible with dates, consider having a late autumn or winter ceremony. Venues will generally have more openings and may be willing to come down on their prices. Also, consider hosting your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. By skipping Saturday events, you can automatically trim thousands off your venue rental. A real game changer!

Pick Your Flowers Carefully

Flowers are a big ticket item.  Everyone wants them, but not everyone has the big budget. A simple solution is to swap expensive varieties for less expensive ones—your florist can be helpful pointing you in the right direction. In addition, always use locally sourced, in-season stems when you can. This helps you avoid import costs and make significant savings. Your florist should be able to recommend other easy ways to save so don’t be shy about asking questions.

Cut The Cake Early In The Reception

Here’s a money-saving trick that many people never think of: plan to cut your cake and toss your bouquet early in the night. Your wedding guests will never know you’ve done this to let your photographer and videographer leave early, and thus charge you less. This way you will save on those per hour costs that tend to add up.

Be Smart About Drinks

Instead of serving hard liquor, try to stick with only wine and beer.  They tend to pair better with dinner and are half the price of a full bar. If you would like to have another type of drink, create one or two signature cocktails that will also be served throughout the night. Also, see if your venue will allow you to bring your own liquor and negotiate the corkage fee.

See, who says weddings can’t be amazing and affordable?

Can you think of other tips and tricks? Comment and let us know. We would love to hear from you.